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Finding the perfect parking spot near SeaTac that's just right for you while comparing all the best parking Seatac Airport has to offer is no easy task! That's where we step in to save the day. We guarantee you won't find a better price or quicker way to reserve SeaTac Airport Parking online. At, you'll find a wide variety of choices for parking near SeaTac Airport. We offer some of the most reliable and secure parking garages near the Seatac airport to make your travel plans to and from Seattle easy and comfortable.


What are the rates for Parking at SeaTac Airport?

Onsite parking at the SeaTac Airport can cost you anywhere from $4 for hourly (at the General Parking Lot) to $37 per day (at the Terminal Parking Floor). Offsite lots tend to be much cheaper, with parking lots offering spaces that cost less than $4/day! Read on for more information on short and long-term SeaTac parking rates.

Please note that these parking rates can be changed by the airport at any time.

Where can I find hotel parking near SeaTac Airport?

Several hotels near SeaTac Airport offer long term and short term SeaTac parking even if you do not book a room there. These include

What are the rates for long-Term Parking at SeaTac Airport?

Long term parking at SeaTac Airport is provided at the Terminal Direct and General Parking garages. The Terminal Direct parking rates are $39/day. The General Parking Garage daily rates are $32/day and $149/week. Offsite lots are available at Cheapest Airport Parking with SeaTac parking rates starting from $5/day for covered parking, including free SeaTac airport shuttles.

What are the rates for short-term Parking at SeaTac Airport?

Short term parking (Hourly and Daily Parking) at SeaTac Airport is available at the Terminal Direct and General Parking Garages. The Terminal Direct parking rates start at $6/hour and go up to a daily maximum of $39/day. The General Parking Garage has prices that start at $5/hour and maxes out at $32/day.

What are the rates for valet Parking at SeaTac?

There is no on-airport Valet parking at the SeaTac Airport. But, there are plenty of offsite lots that offer both covered and uncovered valet parking. The valet parking at these lots starts from $5/day.

COVID-19 Guidelines

In the interest of ensuring the safety and health of our customers who are visiting the airport, we request everyone to follow all the basic guidelines and comply with instructions for maintaining COVID-19 compliance protocols and policies. You are advised to maintain a safe social distance of at least six feet from the next person and always cover your face and mouth with either a face covering or face mask. We also request the visitors at the airport to minimize all sorts of direct physical contact with common touch points like elevator buttons, door handles, and grab rails at baggage areas.

Travelers are also advised to wash their hands, either with soap and water or hand washes/ hand sanitizers. It is best to use your own hand washes or hand sanitizers than those found in public restrooms. Please make sure that you maintain social distance while standing in queues at counters, check-in/check-out, and baggage areas.

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